My background is in healthcare, working in both a hospital and rehabilitation setting. In this role I had the chance to see the benefits of different treatments and what was successful and what was not. I believe yoga has such an important role to play in recovery. In 2015 I suffered an injury to my back that required medical intervention. As a result, I have nerve damage and chronic pain. While going through this process a physiotherapist suggested yoga to help with pain and relaxation I thought “why not”. I began a daily practice and although I had limited mobility I still showed up and tried every day. It was hard and frustrating road full of up’s and down’s.

I was a very active person before this and having to slow down due to an injury was very hard for me. After some time, I started to see small gains I could bend a bit more or I could hold a pose longer it by no means happened overnight but with time and some help to adapt some poses I saw changes. I was more aware of my breath during the day and how things affected me.

It sparked my passion for yoga and my hope to bring and adapt yoga for everyone. I do not want to mislead anyone into thinking yoga has cured my issue but it has made such great changes for me that in 2017 I began my yoga teacher training at Atlantic yoga teacher training. I am now a registered yoga teacher with the yoga alliance. Yoga has brought so much into my life and now I want to share that with my community.

Certifications I have:

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • First Aid & CPR Health Care Professional
  • Fully Insured
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